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Fitting Specifications:

When fitting the DuoDeck and DuoGroove range the following specification is required to ensure both longeverty and care free space.

  • Post supports for joists must be a max. 1200mm centres. In both directions. These can either be a post concreted into the ground or our joist supports when fixing on top of an exsisting concrete pad.
  • Joists must have a max. centre of 400mm. Joists must be fixed together with corner brackets on all outer corners. On internal intersections joist hangers must be used.
  • An 8mm gap must be allowed for at the end of boards to allow for expansion and contraction.
  • Joist bracket should be fixed with countersunk screws to allow for facias to be fitted.
  • Hollows boards are advised for domestic purposes only and commercial premises should consider solid boards.