4.0m Teak DuoGroove


Teak Colour DuoGroove 4m Boards. They are 4.0m and finish at 21m x 150mm.

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So, what is DuoGroove?

DuoGroove boards are a wood plastic composite, made from 60% natural wood fibres and 30% recycled HDPE plastic combined with bonding agents and tints to create an environmentally sustainable product that is not only great to look at but solves many problems linked with traditional timber products, like rot, hazardous surfaces and colour change.

Whether you are creating a garden area or hidden escape our even more affordable DuoGroove is the ideal product for those domestic installations, its square honeycomb structure means its strong yet lightweight and has two groove patterns, one on either side of the board giving you the choice of groove design.

Unlike the DuoDeck range these boards are un-capped, meaning they can draw in moisture, therefore it is important to allow for water run off during installation otherwise this will expose the boards to water staining where puddles or resting water occurs. The boards can be sealed with a composite decking sealer, which is applied by brush after installation.

DuoGroove boards come in three colours, Teak, Grey and Charcoal. They are 4.0m and finish at 21m x 150mm.

You will need to purchase a clip and screw as the boards are designed to have a tee clip in between each board, not only does this mean you get the perfect spacing every time but also means all you fixings are not visible on the surface.

If you already know the area you need to in square metres, then please use the calculator tab above to help you calculate the number of boards you should buy.

Weight: 10.8 kg
Dimensions: 4 × 2.1 × 15 cm